and the journey begins

It all begins when you’re alone.  No-one to fall back on should you leave a wallet, phone, bag behind.  No-one to remind you that the plane is boarding in 10mins.  No-one to hold your bags while you duck in to the toilet.

But really, as a grown woman, how hard could that be?

Found my way to the business class lounge.  That’s a good start.  What a strange space.  No-one makes eye contact.  Everyone is far too important and busy.  Not like the check in line “Hi wera you goin luv?” she asked.  “Spain” was my answer. “and you”?  “I’m goun treckn… In Napal”.  “How exciting” I respond before feeling perhaps she was a just a touch too friendly, standing way too close, so I asked her to proceed me.

Back to the lounge.  Pompous.  Pompous but nice.  With nice apples.

Well that’s about as exciting as it gets for now.  Keep it all at this pace and I’ll be a happy camper.  Now time to get on the plane.


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Hello world!

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